Rose Water

Be fresh Like A Rose

Rose water is pure rose extract that has been proofed as a useful drink with wonderful benefits in it:
Rose water, in addition to its stress-relief effect, its smell helps with the treatment of many headaches due to the strengthening of the nervous system.
Rose water is a nice solution to eliminate insomnia.
It can be used as a good skin cleanser and for the freshness of the skin.
Rose water is effective in strengthening and recovery the body's general strength.
This aromatic drink also helps those who have headaches caused by inner heat and eye pain.
One of the important uses of rose water is to improve and treat dry and sensitive skin.
Drinking and smelling Rose water improves your mood and state of anxiety and depression.
Regular use of Rose water heals gastrointestinal diseases as well as improving the digestion, reducing bloating, abdominal pain and constipation and can be used as a laxative.
Rose water also reduces the blood sugar.
A mix of Rose water and Saffron will be a nice drink to help yourself with health and delight.